There will be NO story time at 9:30 this morning. Join us at 10:30 if you would like! ...

We are in need of empty toilet paper tubes for an upcoming storytime craft. If you have any extras, please feel free to drop them by the library. Thanks! ...

Happy Presidents' Day! Yes, we are open! Regular hours, 9-6.
There will NOT be Math Academy tutoring this afternoon, however.

We have a new friend in the tank! Come say hi to Mac & Cheese (we added water this time).
Mac is joining Pinkalicious, Dazzle, guppies, shrimp, snails, and Spy (plecostomus).

We need your help!

As part of our big software switch coming in November, we are asking all our users to fill out a new registration form. This is to ensure that we have up-to-date contact information for you!

The form is a one-page document and takes just a couple of minutes to fill out. Please take a moment when you’re in the library the next time to fill one out at the desk. You will receive a new card (including an key tag card) once the new system is up and running on and after November 29. Parents/legal guardians will need to fill out forms for all minors (younger than 18).

Our new software will have lots of improvements for you, including a better online catalog, the ability to renew books online, and the option to have notices sent via email or text message. We appreciate your help as we make this transition!

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