FAQs about our plastic recycling challenge:

Q: Wait, what recycling challenge?
A: We are participating in the Trex® Plastic Film Recycling Challenge! If we collect and recycle 500 pounds of plastic bags and film within a six-month period, Trex will award us a free recycled plastic park bench!

Q: That’s like, a LOT of plastic bags, isn’t it?
A: Yes, Trex estimates it takes about 40,500 grocery bags to equal 500 lbs. Here’s a photo of Miss Emily carrying 29 lbs of plastic film! 😅

Q: How is it going? Do you think we’ll reach the goal?
A: Yes! As of February 15, we’re already over halfway there, and our deadline isn’t until until July 7.

Q: Can you get a second bench if we collect 1,000 lbs?
A: Nope. Just one bench per six-month period. If we go over, we just help the environment more! However, we think we, or another Hesston organization, can register for a new challenge (and another bench) as soon as this one is over.

Q: Can you recycle… this?
A: The general rule of thumb is, if it’s plastic, and you can comfortably crinkle it in your hand, we can probably take it. If it’s got a paper label or foil on it, or if it’s firm plastic, you have to put it somewhere else. Please remove paper labels from plastic bubble mailers before you bring them.

Q: What do you do with it all? How do you keep track?
A: We take loads to a dropoff point in Newton a couple of times a week. We weigh each load with a luggage scale and report to Trex monthly (on the honor system). We’re pretty sure all of the plastic in the photo here at the dropoff point is from Hesston!