Donation Alert!
We are in need of food boxes for a craft. We are looking for pasta, cereal, stuffing, and cracker boxes. Please drop them off at the front desk by April 5th. Thank you!

Weather report from Hesston: it's still windy outside.
(But calm and cozy inside the library - come on in!)

We have very high winds in Hesston today, but nothing like what residents experienced on this date in 1990. View photos, video, and other artifacts from the Hesston Tornado at

Summer Reading Program Begins!

Summer Reading Program officially kicks off on June 1 at the library! More information will be posted soon on our website, and Hesston Elementary School children should receive a brochure through school.

We also will have events for tweens and teens (just finished grades 5-12) and for adults! Information will be available by June 1!

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