Expedition Pack news!
1) We added a new pack! Schedule your dates to visit Old Cowtown Museum!
2) View available dates for all of our packs at the following link, and contact the library to reserve a pack (Notes: X means an UNavailable day, and each pack has its own tab): bit.ly/2YN38SP
3) If you don't know what in the world we're talking about, check out an earlier post here! www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2676915535655172&id=140441599302591

Hmmm...apparently we were drawn to mysteries this week. Most or all of these books contain a mystery of one kind or another. #TuesdayTitles ...

We chuckled a little when this came in the returned book drop just now, with such perfect timing!
Come check out some books, movies, and games to keep yourselves occupied on this rainy first day of summer break.

Reading Program Making a Splash!

We have 274 participants signed up for our Summer Reading Program – and it’s certainly not too late to be a part of the fun!

Children and teens are invited to sign up at the library and “Make a Splash – READ!” this summer. Those who meet the goal of reading 20 books or 12 hours, or those young ones who have 40 books read to them, will receive a free t-shirt!

We have a lot of other great activities going along with the program, so click on the Summer Reading Program link toward the top of the page for more information!

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