Current Status (01/12/22). Building open, normal hours, but we strongly encourage curbside and digital options. Mask required at all times while in the building. No in-person programs.

We are making every effort to curb the spread of Covid‑19 in Kansas. While we know there are no confirmed cases in Harvey County yet, we are following the advice of the CDC and KSDE and implementing policies that encourage social distancing. We will keep a list of updates and the dates they started below:

04/01/21: Building Open for short browsing visits and computer session. 20 person limit. Mask required at all times while in the building. We are expanding our hours and have started to look at hosting in-person and outdoor programs in the near future.

7/17/20: Return to phase 2 with modifications while staff in quarantine.  See link for more information

6/5/20- Phase 3 will start June 1

5/18/2020 – Building closed except computer appointments. Curbside delivery of materials.

5/11/2020 – Building Closed. Open curbside for returns.

5/4/2020 – We are working on a reopening plan and will have more information by mid‑week.

3/19/2020 – We continue to answer emails(throughout the day) and phone calls (between 9‑noon) at the library. Wifi has been opened 24/7. You should be able to pull up out front and get wifi access in your car.

3/16/2020 – Closing at 4:00 due to staffing issues. Board made the final decision to close, effectively immediately, and evaluate the situation weekly to determine when to re-open.  Someone will be on staff between 9‑noon Monday‑Friday to answer reference questions or just to say hi, if you are needing someone to connect to during this time.

3/14/2020 – All computer became non‑gaming (to encourage people to not hang out in the computer area), toys were removed from the children’s area, and snack bar was taken down. All of these decisions were put into place to help keep our patrons safe and healthy during this time of “social distancing.”

3/13/2020 – Large gatherings were being cancelled in the community. All programs cancelled for the library through the end of the month. Encouraged patrons to get signed up for the e‑library.

3/12/2020 – Signage posted on door from CDC: “Stopping the spread of germs” and “Staying home if you have a fever or flu‑like symptoms.”

3/11/2020 – Twice a day disinfectant wipe down of door handles, computer keyboards and mice, and circulation desk.

3/9/2020 – Staff Discussions