Hmmm...perhaps if the dog went to school to learn to be more fearsome people wouldn't put bows on him anymore? And maybe the boys are sword fighting because they're hangry and Mom or Dad could solve the issue by quickly pulling a good meal out of the freezer? #TuesdayTitles #OrMaybeNot #ButItCouldHappenThatWay ...

Ok, it's your turn again! How would you caption this picture of these #TuesdayTitles? ...

We have a winner! Our bookwalk challenge had over 100 entries and we drew our winner this morning. Congratulations to Amala for winning a Mini LED Projector, popcorn, popcorn bucket, and seasonings to host an out of this world movie night! ...

It's National Book Lovers Day!!! ❤️📚📖📔📘
If you're a book lover, we'd love to help you celebrate! We have books for just about every subject or genre there is...we even have books about books 😁

Hesston Funks Library Edition

Three local “celebrities” – Paige, Kitt and Kennedy, a.k.a. The Hesston Funks – talk about the new Hesston Public Library!

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  1. Tricia Hockett Tricia Hockett
    April 18, 2010    

    I feel like I need Paige’s autograph! Way to go guys…YOU WERE AWESOME! I loved the Black Eyed Peas remix! Very COOL!!!!

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