Hesston Community Coronavirus “Porchtraits” : Sign up now!

As custodians of the history of Hesston, we at the Hesston Public Library would like to do a little project to document this unprecedented time, through creating photographs of you at home.

You’ll gather the members of your household, put on your snazziest sweats, or dress up fancier than you have in a month, or come as you are (clothing preferred) and pose outside your house. Our photographers* will practice social distancing with a zoom lens from afar to snap a few shots.
If you like, you can hold signs and/or share a short statement of what you have experienced since the appearance of the 2019-20 novel coronavirus and the issuance of stay-home orders.

Then we will edit, preserve, and share the images and stories on our digital archive website, http://hesston.digitalsckls.info.

*Pam Weaver Photography and hopefully additional professionals!

If you’re interested, please sign up by THIS WEEKEND (Sunday night 4/26), with sessions planned for evenings NEXT WEEK.