#FridayFunnies ...

We'll just go ahead and save you the search. The moosehead answer is on page 233 at the very BACK of the book. But based on the table of contents, the whole book looks both informative and fun. And of course reading ANY of these books or the others we have here at the library would allow you to postpone actually DOING the cleaning for a little while longer. #JustSayin #TuesdayTitles
P.S. Warning: As one might expect from this title, the parasite book isn't for the the faint of heart. #Ew

We have our Monday Mystery activity this afternoon, but it’s a day out of school, so the activity will happen all day. The theme is friendship: bring a friend and make use of our building tubs and legos sometime today! The tubs will be set up in the community room. ...

Stop by the library and bid on our silent auction basket for the 2019 Villa Partners Fundraiser. Our basket includes a beautiful canvas library tote, library water bottle, three packages of old fashioned candies, a warm and comfy Swather embroidered blanket and a table top shuffleboard/bowling/curling game. Let the auction begin! ...

Expedition Packs

The Hesston Public Library is pleased to provide adult patrons and their guests with an opportunity to visit some of the museums, zoos, and parks in Kansas for FREE.  This program is designed to engage adults, children, and families in art, history, science, technology, and literacy learning.  A generous donation from the Charlotte Jost trust provided the funding for this program.

See the calendar of available dates HERE.  (X denotes unavailable date)

Packs are currently available for:

  • Botanica gardens (Wichita)
  • Cosmosphere space museum (Hutchinson)
  • Mid-America All-Indian Center (Wichita)
  • Old Cowtown Museum (Wichita)
  • Tanganyika Wildlife Park (Goddard)