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Happy World Book Day! 🌎📖
Obviously, this is one of our favorite days of the year! To help you celebrate, today's Tuesday Titles post offers you a few fun book-themed titles.

(Here at the Hesston Public Library, we get to see a LOT of books. And sometimes the titles of those books really make us stop and think...or laugh...or roll our eyes...or check out the book! So we thought we'd start sharing some of those with you. Watch for our upcoming Tuesday Titles posts each week. Which of those books might you want to read?) #WorldBookDay #WorldBookDay2019

The Hesston Public Library apron and cookbook display is bringing us so much joy. We would love to have more aprons to display. Drop them by anytime between now and May 4th. Display will run until May 12th. ...

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Hesston Public Library

Civic Club celebrating 75 years!

Hesston Women’s Civic Club is celebrating its 75th anniversary with an open house on Saturday, September 22, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the library. There will be displays featuring the history and current work of Civic Club, and light refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome!

Hesston Women’s Civic Club was formed in 1937, and soon after began the work of establishing a community library. Civic Club ran the library for almost 30 years, holding book drives and fundraisers to build the library collection. Initially club members volunteered to staff the library; in later years, the club paid staff members. The library began a tax-supported entity in 1967, but Civic Club has continued to support the library through the years by raising funds, establishing preschool story time, decorating for Christmas, and many other endeavors.

Today, Civic Club continues to support the library while also assisting other important organizations within our community, including the Hesston Resource Center and Dyck Arboretum. As a library, we are grateful for all they’ve done! We invite you to celebrate this important milestone as we celebrate the wonderful legacy of Hesston Women’s Civic Club!


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