Project Gutenberg is a great source of free public domain works that can be read on your computer, Kindle, Nook, Android phone, iPhone and iPad, among other devices!

For more information about Project Gutenberg, and to check out their catalog, visit For more information about Project Gutenberg on Mobile Devices, click here.

You also can find audiobooks and ebooks through the State Library of Kansas. You will need a Kansas Library Card, which can be obtained at our library. Visit their site at and click on “Explore Our Resources” in the top yellow box. Scroll down and select “Audiobooks, Music & More” on the left side of the options, toward the bottom.

You can add the OverDrive Media Console to your computer, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Windows 7 phone and download directly onto your devices. You also can download to a computer and then transfer to another device, such as an MP3 player. Some audiobooks can even be burned onto CD.

For more information, visit the library!